Want your yearlings to turn heads?

Support your yearlings to deal with the stress of travel, sales rings and long days and ensure they are in glowing condition. Digestive RP will support their gut as they grow to their full potential and lets them reach peak health for that shining sleek sales ring appeal. Add Stress Paste to aid regular eating and drinking through the disruption of travel and changes, and to support calm, manageable behaviour under pressure.

Gut health supplements for yearlings

One of the most stressful times in the lifecyle of a Thoroughbred is yearling preparation. Great demands are placed on yearlings in their preparation for the sales and thereafter in their training to become a racehorse. The success of yearling preparation can have a huge impact on their value and your bottomline.

During yearling preparation, there are a number of differing types of stress experienced, such as moving from a paddock to a stable or yard, a change in type of feeds (more often a high grain diet), separation from the herd, increased handling, transportation and training, all of which impact on the gut.

This is where our Thoroughbred gut support supplements come in.

Common changes with improved gut health in Thoroughbred yearlings include:

Better weight gain, calmer behaviour, shinier glossy coats, better hoof quality and growth, better appetite, improved feed conversion and less scouring.

We are dedicated to helping Thoroughbred breeders and owners make informed decisions about feeding Thoroughbreds for great gut health so we are always available to answer any questions.



Hear from the breeders

We believe optimum health in Thoroughbred racehorses begins in youngstock. Hear from clients in the breeding industry who use our Thoroughbred supplements for their yearlings.

We fed digestive EQ with great results to our Thoroughbred yearlings during their sale preparation. This was fed in conjunction with extruded grains and high quality fibre. The biggest advantages with feeding Digestive EQ was the improvement in appetite and that none of the yearlings required any gastric ulcers treatment which they have required in previous years. The horses also had an improvement in their fecal consistency and their coats also seemed  slightly better than previous years. All these changes would indicate greatly improved gut health. In the future we will use Digestive EQ further with even younger horses to get their gut health off to a great
start and will be trialling  the stress paste also. We are also looking forward to seeing the reduction in feed cost associated with improved feed efficiency as a result of better gut health.

Zac Harris, Tooloogan Vale Broodmare Farm

"Digestive RP seems to take the edge off the horses a bit more - the extra stress environment is where we really notice it most. It was hot when we got here, humid, a lot going on, they all handled it extremely well - the girls said it's the best they've seen the horses behave on a first day - I brought a few buckets of Digestive RP with me and I reckon that made a massive difference.

I always bring a few boxes of Stress Paste with me - I'm a big fan of Stress Paste especially on the hotter Sale days when a few of the fillies were getting a bit worked up with the heat, and a tube of that is a big help. " 

Liam Attwood, Yearling Manager, Widden Stud

Since being on Poseidon Animal Health supplements, our draft has never prepped better, they have eaten everything, handled their work, and are absolutely glowing.

Anthony Thompson, CEO, Widden Stud