Racehorse owners share their results

We have been using all of Poseidon Animal Health’s products for the past 18 months and during this time our runners / winners percentage has increased significantly. From the management team through to the staff, the Poseidon team’s knowledge, passion and dedication to improving horses’ health is second to none. We cannot recommend Poseidon Animal Health and their products highly enough.

Maddysen Sears, Sears Racing

Our stable has completely
transformed since introducing Poseidon Animal Health’s Digestive RP and Stress Paste. The horses now stay in work longer, are eating better, and our winning strike rate is improving. The way they finish off their races is phenomenal.

Luke Price, Price Racing

"Poseidon supports our horses to get these fantastic results"

- Leigh Sears, Sears Racing, after taking both 1st and 3rd place in King of the Mountain 2023

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"Winner after winner in the last few weeks - Happy horses win races."

We are definitely seeing some great results with RP. I’ll send some photos which I think speak for themselves! These results came only from using RP and also changes in feeding practices, none of the horses have been on omeprazole or any other veterinary medication. I’m not quite the fan of omeprazole (thanks to Linda and her insight!) hence we look for other ways to combat gut issues! One horse came to us skinny and has been a very long work in progress - we mainly saw a change in his coat and condition once switching to RP! Accordingly, there was also a change in racing performance. One horse also went from being an extremely bad box walker/ stall kicker to a much more settled horse. So far we are having our best racing season for some time so hopefully that’ll continue, with all the horses looking fantastic thanks to RP and VM! In short, we absolutely love the changeover to RP. Thanks so much.

Sophie Rolfe, John Rolfe Racing

I chose Poseidon as unlike other products, the emphasis is on hindgut health. After trialling for 8 months we have noticed big improvements in appetite, demeanor and calmness. We had a couple that box walk; they're slowly getting out of that. The main reason we like it is that with Poseidon, the horses lick the tin clean, which they never used to do, and nothing is wasted. I recommend Poseidon to all racehorse trainers, we've noticed so much improvement in our horses since we've been on it.

John Rolfe, John Rolfe Racing

Before RP & VM

After RP & VM

Before RP & VM

After RP & VM

We have all our racing horses on a Poseidon product, even the fussiest of horses lick the bowl clean now. They've only been on it 2 weeks, and we've definitely noticed a difference in their eating habits and behaviour. I’ve previously tried on a thoroughbred with amazing results! Highly recommend!


As a racehorse trainer I have been using this gut support for my team and the results of all of them have increased dramatically, not only are they performing better but they are also looking fantastic - magic stuff for sure!


Thoroughbred Breeders Review our Supplements

We fed digestive EQ with great results to our TB yearlings during their sale preparation. This was fed in conjunction with extruded grains and high-quality fibre. The biggest advantages with feeding Digestive EQ were the improvement in appetite and that none of the yearlings required any gastric ulcers treatment which they have required in previous years. The horses also had an improvement in their fecal consistency and their coats also seemed slightly better than previous years. All these changes would indicate greatly improved gut health. In the future we will use Digestive EQ further with even younger horses to get their gut health off to a great start and will be trialling the stress paste also. We are also looking forward to seeing the reduction in feed cost associated with improved feed efficiency as a result of better gut health.  

Zac Harris, Tooloogan Vale Broodmare Farm

Since being on Poseidon Animal Health supplements, our draft has never prepped better, they have eaten everything, handled their work, and are absolutely glowing.

AnthonyThompson, CEO, Widden Stud



Equine Experts Recommend Poseidon

I have been recommending the use of Digestive EQ as my hindgut supplement of choice for the last three years. I am happy to recommend its use in horses across disciplines, whether they be thoroughbred racehorses, elite level performance horses, or much loved pleasure horses.

Dr Robin Bell, BVSc DipVclSt MANCVSc, Head of Equine University of Sydney, Australian Equestrian Olympic Veterinarian

We use Digestive EQ on all of our horses and we've seen amazing results. Horses behavioural problems [...] health problems, coat problems, foot problems - go away. Horses [...] become healthier, they require less food to do their job, they recover better, they're fitter and they're just overall better performed and happier, healthier animals.

Dr Erin Roddy, DVM - Proprietor and Head Veterinarian, Poseidon Animal Health, Owner Spring Creek Rehabilitation

A lifetime of good health

The nutritional needs of Thoroughbred Horses in the racing world vary through their lifecycle, from Thoroughbred Breeding Studs to Racing Stables, and as OTT horses who move on to competitive or pleasure riding. Poseidon Thoroughbred have the Supplements to ensure your thoroughbreds have the vitamins, minerals and gut support they need to thrive throughout their lives.



Stress Paste in Racing

I’ve tried a few calming products and Stress Paste actually works. It’s very levelling and horses seem really at ease and settled.


I have been using the stress paste ever since it hit the shelves. I have found by giving in to my racehorses leading up to race day helps provide the younger ones with a good experience as they begin their racing careers. I have found it to be great for travelling and also for recovery.

Kirsty B

A Vet's case study

A 3yo racehorse filly was examined 3 weeks into a 6 week spell. While she was racing she had a chronic issue with diagnosed severe foregut ulcers and was being treated with omeprazole. She had struggled to keep weight on during her prep and often had a poor appetite likely due to the ulcers. During her first 3 weeks of spelling she was put on a high starch diet with constant pasture and had put on a small amount of weight but then had a colic episode which reduced her appetite. She was treated for this with some anti inflammatories successfully. Due to the unhealthy appearance of her faeces and her decreased appetite we decided to examine her diet.

With the advice of a highly regarded nutritionist we administered her stress paste for 2 days during which time her appetite improved. We also added Digestive EQ into her diet slowly and modified her diet which mainly included lowering the starch content and increasing fibre without reducing the overall energy.

The end result was that after 3 weeks she had put on nearly 30kgs and was feeling much better about heading back to the track!

- Dr Nikita McAdams, BVetSc / VetBio Hons 1

Reviews from OTT owners

"I have used Digestive EQ for nearly 2 years now and I’ve found it to be a highly effective product. Gut health has to be a priority for taking off-the-track thoroughbreds from spelling, through training, to competition. For my little showjumping TB team, Digestive EQ means that they get the most out of their feed, and their weight, coat and skin are thanking me for it." – Penny

"Since having a marvellous result with Digestive EQ on an off the track Standardbred which had come to us in very poor and stressed condition (and probably with gastric ulcers), we now give each new horse which comes into our herd a course of Digestive EQ for as long as they need. Our original horse had been on a healthy diet with a quality vitamin supplement, but we couldn't quite get him up to optimal weight ...and he continued to suffer from awful skin conditions. I'd always thought his gut health must be the missing link (as he'd come from a starvation situation in drought-stricken NSW) and Digestive EQ was the final piece of the puzzle. His overall health improved, he was able to completely fight off the Queensland Itch he was suffering, and he just bloomed." – Sally

"My retired thoroughbred had really struggled to put on condition after retiring from racing and was also quite tense a lot of the time when out hacking. After a month on Digestive EQ the physical changes were already noticeable and his attitude was also a lot more relaxed." – Amy

"One of my hardest horses to keep weight on out of all my OTTBs, give her this stuff and she starts packing on the weight. Love this product to bits, definitely getting more before I run out." - Grace

"My OTTB has been on Digestive EQ for 3 months now and he is just thriving! After one month I noticed changes with his demeanor (could get hot very easily), now he's happy and relaxed all the time. His winter coat became even shinier and I look forward to seeing what he looks like in spring!" – Jen

"My OTT mare has Grade 4 Ulcers and on medication her coat went like a wire brush. After putting her back on EQ her coat has come back gleaming and she is a much nicer kid to have around." - Anne

"I got my mare off the track. She was very ribby and I have tried everything on the market. They even tried when she was racing it was just the way she was. She is also a very bad wind sucker. I could see a difference in two weeks, now she looks amazing. Thank you so much." - Julia

"I’ve had my OTT mare on Digestive EQ & VM since she retired last year and it has really helped her with her weight through winter, she is calmer and her coat is looking amazing!" – Larni

"Great product, my 24yo thoroughbred has never looked better." – Lisa

"I have three horses currently using Digestive EQ. A young Stockhorse cross QH, a Hanoverian and a Rescue OTT. All these horses are extremely hot and temperamental, and are all training dressage. Not only has their condition improved and their coats gleam but l have also noticed a difference especially with my OTT's temperament who previously would rear and strike out for no apparent reason. This horse was very sick, with organs starting to shut down but is now a 17.2hh bundle of muscle who last year won the E.Q Leaderboard for Preliminary dressage whilst my Hanoverian placed Second in the Novice, a testament to your product and how it has helped in their recovery We have taken our youngster to a few clinics and have received AWESOME feedback on not only his condition and coat but his work
ethic as well." – Nancy

"I have a 30 year old TB that is still going well. I think Digestive EQ is of great help to his health." – Michele

"Digestive EQ has done wonders for my ulcer prone OTT gelding, he is packing on the weight and holding it nicely. Absolutely love this product." - Kimberley

"Digestive EQ has been amazing for my OTTB who is transitioning to a life after racing. He has picked up immensely after losing all his racing muscle and by combining both the digestive EQ and the VM Vitamin and Mineral supplement I know he is shiny and healthy inside out." - Emma

"I’d previously used Digestive EQ on my last horse. So when I became the owner of an OTT it really was a no brainer! I was lucky that my boy was in relatively good condition. However being straight off the track he had the typical TB build, a dull coat and preferred hard feed to lucerne hay. In fact it’s taken a good 3 months to get him to eat 2 biscuits of lucerne hay a day. Digestive EQ has been a great dietary support while he has transitioned into retired life away from the racing world. His coat is shiny and he is in great condition. Thanks to Poseidon Equine I have learnt a lot in regards to OTT dietary needs. I’ve even purchased some Stress Paste in anticipation of our first outing to ARC." – Rachel