Race fast... recover fast

Poseidon supplements support racehorses to access their full potential through optimum gut condition. Poseidon Supplements aim to help your horse attain great condition, swift muscle repair and maximum performance and recovery, while race-safe Stress Paste adds an extra boost of gut protection, cellular hydration, minerals and vitamins for intense days of travel and racing.

Gut health supplements for racehorses

As a trainer, having horses in training for longer, that are healthy, that are content, performing and recovering well is what underpins your business and the secret lies in your horses gut and their gut bacteria. A healthy gut creates the foundation for a racehorse that has good appetite, strong hooves, better recovery, less reliance on ulcer medications and  the capacity for a strong  finish home.

With great gut health, the horse can utilise an efficient energy system and achieve better results. Recent research shows that horses fed a gut friendly diet have a delayed lactic acid threshold and a reserve of glycogen stores.

Such is the power of a healthy gut.

Common changes with improved gut health in Thoroughbreds include:

Better weight gain, better performance, faster recovery, shinier glossy coats, better hoof quality and growth, better appetite, improved feed conversion and less scouring.

We are dedicated to helping Thoroughbred trainers and owners make informed decisions about feeding for great gut health - to maximise performance, health, longevity - and economy! This is why we continually work with animal health experts with PhDs in Equine Nutrition and Gut Health to create and share educational content - see our LEARN section in the menu - and we provide real support, so we are available to answer any questions.

Hear from the Trainers & Owners

The Poseidon Animal Health team are passionate about supporting optimum health in Thoroughbred racehorses. Hear from clients in the racing and breeding industry who believe in our supplements.

Happy Horses win Races

We have been using all of
Poseidon Animal Health’s products for the past 18 months and during this time our runners / winners percentage has increased significantly. From the management team through to the staff, the Poseidon team’s knowledge, passion and dedication to improving horses’ health is second to none. We cannot recommend Poseidon Animal Health and their products highly enough.

Maddysen Sears, Sears Racing

Our stable has completely transformed since introducing Poseidon Animal Health’s Digestive RP and Stress Paste. The horses now stay in work longer, are eating better, and our winning strike rate is improving. The way they finish off their races is phenomenal.

Luke Price, Price Racing

As a race horse trainer I have been using this on my team and the results of all of them have increased dramatically, not only are they performing better but they are also looking fantastic - magic stuff for sure!


We have all our racing horses on a Poseidon product, even the fussiest of horses lick the bowl clean now. Definitely noticed a difference in their eating habits and behaviour. Highly recommend!


Testimonials from Trainers

We are definitely seeing some great results with RP, which came only from using RP and changes in feeding practices. One horse came to us skinny and has been a very long work in progress - we mainly saw a change in his coat and condition once switching to RP! Accordingly, there was also a change in racing performance. One horse also went from being an extremely bad box walker/ stall kicker to a much more settled horse. So far we are having our best racing season for some time so hopefully that’ll continue, with all the horses looking fantastic thanks to RP and VM! In short, we absolutely love the changeover to RP.

Sophie Rolfe, John Rolfe Racing

I have been using the stress paste ever since it hit the shelves. I have found by giving in to my racehorses leading up to race day helps provide the younger ones with a good experience as they begin their racing careers. I have found it to be great for travelling and also for recovery.

Kirst B

Why gut health powers healthy horses

Racing and intense exercise is stressful to the gut. This can show up by a horse going off its feed post-race, or having runny manure, or stress-related behaviour. Along with the ongoing stress of stabling, often low forage diets, transport and long-term use of omeprazole all create a gut that cannot perform at its best compromising not only the performance of the horse but its longevity and potential for life after racing.

Modern day racing horse diets, often with their lower fibre and higher starch content pose massive challenges to a horse’s hindgut. Our modern diets often reduce the diversity of the bacteria in the hindgut. OR they allow the ‘bad’ bacteria to dominate. This unbalanced state in the hindgut poses a multitude of health and behavioural issues.

Poor gut health is linked to illness, increased risk of colic, poor doers, appetite, hoof condition, poor behaviour, poor performance.

Along with diet and management, evidence based supplements can play a role.