Our OTT's deserve the best

Coming off the track, a racehorse faces massive changes. Great gut health with Digestive EQ's prebiotics, post biotics, buffers, amino acids and toxin binder supports your OTT's gut microbiota through this disruption to their lives and gives them a basis for fantastic health in their new life.

Gut health is crucial for OTT horses

Common changes with improved gut health in thoroughbred horses off the track include:

Better weight gain, Calmer behaviour, Shinier glossy coats, Better hoof quality and growth, Better appetite, Improved feed conversion and less scouring.

Why is a OTT's gut health so important?

Great gut health helps racehorses off the track to stay in great condition and deal with the demands of their new lives. A healthy microbiota means they can effectively digest their food and absorb the maximum goodness and nutritional value, helping your OTTB enjoy a comfortable gut, and look amazing.

In addition to gut health support with Digestive EQ, we recommend providing your OTTs with Digestive VM to ensure they have the full range of required minerals and vitamins - and many OTT owners have told us that Stress Paste is a key factor in their horses coping with the pressure of travel, shows and eventing.

We are dedicated to helping the owners of OTTs make informed decisions about feeding their thoroughbreds for great gut health so we are always available to answer any questions.



I have used Digestive EQ for nearly 2 years now and I’ve found it to be a highly effective product. Gut health has to be a priority for taking off-the-track thoroughbreds from spelling, through training, to competition. For my little showjumping TB team, Digestive EQ means that they get the most out of their feed, and their weight, coat and skin are thanking me for it.


Since having a marvellous result with Digestive EQ on an off the track Standardbred which had come to us in very poor and stressed condition (and probably with gastric ulcers), we now give each new horse which comes into our herd a course of Digestive EQ for as long as they need. Our original horse had been on a healthy diet with a quality vitamin supplement, but we couldn't quite get him up to optimal weight, and he continued to suffer from awful skin conditions. I'd always thought his gut health must be the missing link (as he'd come from a starvation situation in drought-stricken NSW) and Digestive EQ was the final piece of the puzzle. His overall health improved, he was able to completely fight off the Queensland Itch he was suffering, and he just bloomed.


I have three horses currently using your product. A young Stockhorse cross QH, a Hanoverian and a Rescue OTT. All these horses are extremely hot and temperamental. They are all training dressage. Not only has their condition improved and their coats gleam but l have also noticed a difference especially with my OTT’s temperament who previously would rear and strike out for no apparent reason. This horse was very sick, with organs starting to shut down but is now a17.2hh bundle of muscle who last year won the E.Q Leaderboard for PRELIMINARY dressage whilst my Hanoverian placed Second in
the Novice A Testament to your product and how it has helped in their recovery. We have taken our youngster to a few clinics and have received AWSOME feed back on not only his condition and coat but his work ethic as well.


My retired thoroughbred had really struggled to put on condition after retiring from racing and was also quite tense a lot of the time when out hacking. After a month on Digestive EQ the physical changes were already noticeable, and his attitude was also a lot more relaxed.


My OTTB has been on Digestive EQ for 3 months now and he is just thriving! After one month I noticed changes with his demeanour (could get hot very easily), now he's happy and relaxed all the time. His winter coat became even shinier and I look forward to seeing what he looks like in spring!


My OTT Mare has Grade 4 Ulcers and on medication her coat went like a wire brush. After putting her back on EQ her coat has come back gleaming and she is a much nicer kid to have around.



I’d previously used Digestive EQ on my last horse. So when I became the owner of an OTT it really was a no brainer! I was lucky that my boy was in relatively good condition. However being straight off the track he had the typical TB build, a dull coat and preferred hard feed to lucerne hay. In fact it’s taken a good 3 months to get him to eat 2 biscuits of lucerne hay a day. Digestive EQ has been a great dietary support while he has transitioned into retired life away from the racing world. His coat is shiny and he is in great condition. Thanks to
Poseidon Equine I have learnt a lot in regards to OTT dietary needs. I’ve even purchased some stress paste in anticipation of our first outing to ARC.


I got my mare off the track. She was very ribby and tried everything on the market. They even tried when she was racing it was just the way she was. She is also a very bad wind sucker. I could see a difference in two weeks, now she looks amazing. Thank you so much.


One of my hardest horses to keep weight on out of all my OTTBs, give her this stuff and she starts packing on the weight. Love this product to bits, definitely getting more before I run out.


Digestive EQ has been amazing for my OTTB who is transitioning to a life after racing, he has picked up immensely after losing all his racing muscle and by combining both the digestive EQ and the Vit and min supplement I know he is shiny and healthy inside out.