Widden Stud's 2.6 Million Dollar Show Stopper Filly

Widden Stud's 2.6 Million Dollar Show Stopper Filly

Widden Stud's 2.6 Million Dollar Show Stopper Filly

Photo - Liam Attwood with Sunlight's sister. Picture: Magic Millions

We are so proud that our products are employed by Widden Stud in the preparation of their impressive yearlings for the Sales.

With Stress Paste before travel, show day and to keep the yearlings calm and in peak condition under pressure and in new surroundings, and Digestive RP daily for extra gut support which in turn supports all-round condition and wellbeing, Widden's Yearlings are set to turn heads.

That's exactly what happened at Magic Millions with a filly by Zoustar out of Solar Charged who was for a short time the highest-priced yearling sold at the sale, quickly fetching $2.6 million.

Widden Stud's Yealing Manager, Liam Attwood told us about the difference Stress Paste made for the yearlings at Magic Millions:

"Digestive RP seems to take the edge off the horses a bit more - the extra stress environment is where we really notice it most. It was hot when we got here, humid, a lot going on, they all handled it extremely well - the girls said it's the best they've seen the horses behave on a first day - I brought a few buckets of Digestive RP with me and I reckon that made a massive difference.

I always bring a few boxes of Stress Paste with me - I'm a big fan of Stress Paste especially on the hotter days when a few of the fillies were getting a bit worked up with the heat, and a tube of that is a big help. " 

Click to watch the video of Widden Yearling Manager, Liam Attwood

As with every Yearling at the sale, there was a whole team of people and many months of work invested in raising the sister to former G1 star Sunlight.

As Racing.com reported, this fantastic result had no element of fluke about it. Watch below as Liam Attwood, who six years ago had never put a head collar on a horse, takes the filly through the sale ring."