Stress Paste for results under pressure

Stress Paste for results under pressure

Stress Paste for results under pressure

DR ERIN RODDY, DVM - Proprietor and Head Veterinarian


I am very excited about Stress Paste. One of the common misconceptions about anxious horses is that sedation is the best approach. To me products containing tryptophan, chamomile, solely B vitamins or magnesium are simply trying to emulate sedation.

However I feel that the main cause of anxious behavior in horses is due to GI pain from gut emptying, acid backsplash and dehydration due to transport, intense exercise, and change in feeding schedule. Rather than sedating horses in an attempt to mask their anxiety at experiencing this GI pain, Stress Paste aims to treat and prevent the negative cycle of stress, dehydration, inappetance and poor performance.

Stress Paste contains a gastric buffer, a hydrating agent, B vitamins which are the fuel for muscle energy and appetence, essential amino acids necessary for gut wall integrity and strength, as well as Magnesium and Vitamin B1 for normal nerve function and to prevent the nervous behavior which accompanies inappetant horses who then become Magnesium and B1 deficient.

We have used Stress Paste prior to travel in elite level Show Jumpers and Eventers to maintain hydration and GI integrity with unbelievable results. 

Horses who are normally anxious and poor travelers as well as picky eaters away from home arrived hydrated, calm, and ate as if they were at home.  These horses performed even better than expected and recovered noticeably better and more quickly than their rivals. 

We also used Stress Paste on horses at events who had gone off feed and were in danger of not being able to compete due to dehydration and loss of condition. Within hours of receiving stress paste the horses ate and drank normally and were able to compete and win.

The brilliant thing about the paste is that the horse can already be off feed and water and still be dosed, and the horse can be dosed easily during transport when often feeding and watering is not feasible.

The Stress Paste product is a brilliant addition for any horse traveling and competing or encountering any stress such as changing environment, heat, humidity, breaking in, weaning, etc.