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Science-backed equine supplements for Thoroughbred horses in the breeding and racing industry. Created in Australia to provide gut health support and balanced minerals and vitamins for racehorses, Thoroughbred yearlings, bloodstock and off the track Thoroughbreds.

They give their all

It's only fair that we give them the very best. Great gut support can improve the horse's fore and hind gut digestion, boost immunity, increase comfort and performance.


Reviews from Trainers & Owners

Our stable has completely transformed since introducing Poseidon Animal Health’s Digestive RP and Stress Paste. The horses now stay in work longer, are eating better, and our winning strike rate
is improving. The way they finish off their races is phenomenal.

Luke Price, Price Racing

As a race horse trainer I have been using this on my team and the results of all of them have increased dramatically, not only are they performing better but they are also looking fantastic - magic stuff for sure!


I have been using the stress paste ever since it hit the shelves. I have found by giving in to my racehorses leading up to race day helps provide the younger ones with a good experience as they begin their racing careers. I have found it be be great for travelling and also for

Kirsty B

"Poseidon supports our horses to get these fantastic results"

- Sears Racing, after taking both 1st and 3rd place in King of the Mountain 2023

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A revolution in Thoroughbred health

"We want you to buy us a horse;
He must have the speed to catch swallows,
And stamina with it, of course”
- Banjo Paterson

There is something about the word Thoroughbred that evokes emotions of awe and respect. From their physical strength, deep courage, incredible majestic beauty and their heart that rarely lets them give up, they deserve our commitment to allow them to be the champions they are born to be.

We demand a lot of the Thoroughbred horse throughout its life, so as we learn more about ways to improve breeding and performance and the overall welfare of the horse, it is in all our interests to implement change. New research regarding horse gut health and the microbiome is an exciting opportunity to improve overall health and performance across each stage the thoroughbred horse lives through.

Trainers are reporting that horses on Digestive RP appear calmer and more settled within 5 days. They are consistently noticing significant behavioural, performance and recovery improvements, as well as improved feed conversion, better topline and coat condition and improved suppleness under saddle within a month.

At Poseidon Animal Health, we are proud to lead the field in Thoroughbred gut health, and working with all aspects of the industry we have the chance to change how we manage our Thoroughbreds so they can perform to the best of their genetic ability.

Great gut health changes the odds.

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Reviews from Trainers & Owners

I chose Poseidon as unlike other products, the emphasis is on hindgut health. We have noticed big improvements in appetite, demeanor and calmness.

We had a couple that box walk; they're slowly getting out of that. The main reason we like it is that, where other products are left in the tin, with Poseidon the horses lick it clean, which they never used to do, and nothing is wasted.

I recommend Digestive EQ to all racehorse trainers, we've noticed so much improvement in our horses since we've been on it.

John Rolfe

I have been using Poseidon consistently for my harness racing horses over the past three months. They are all in various stages of work and cross a range of ages.

I add Digestive EQ to their hard feeds three times a day. I have found that their manure is much more formed and their behaviour is more settled.

I have also noted more hoof growth and an improved in their coats plus growth of their manes and tails have improved.


A Vet's case study

A 3yo racehorse filly was examined 3 weeks into a 6 week spell. While she was racing she had a chronic issue with diagnosed severe foregut ulcers and was being treated with omeprazole. She had struggled to keep weight on during her prep and often had a poor appetite likely due to the ulcers. During her first 3 weeks of spelling she was put on a high starch diet with constant pasture and had put on a small amount of weight but then had a colic episode which reduced her appetite. She was treated for this with some anti inflammatories successfully. Due to the unhealthy appearance of her faeces and her decreased appetite we decided to examine her diet.

With the advice of a highly regarded nutritionist we administered her stress paste for 2 days during which time her appetite improved. We also added Digestive EQ into her diet slowly and modified her diet which mainly included lowering the starch content and increasing fibre without reducing the overall energy.

The end result was that after 3 weeks she had put on nearly 30kgs and was feeling much better about heading back to the track!

- Dr Nikita McAdams, BVetSc / VetBio Hons 1